Search Engine Optimization (SEO) With Personas Media

We have been optimizing and promoting websites for over a decade. Over the years, we have developed promotion and optimization Methods that are unique to us and guarantee the best possible results. Website promotion doesn’t only mean getting your website to being ranked first on Google Search Engine — but also creating a strong and robust presence. We call it “Massive Organic Optimization” or in short “MOO.” We increase the number of visits to your website. We bring to you the most relevant users who will inevitably become your regular clients. As it often happens, advertising starts in the digital arena and later spreads via mouth-to-ear.

SEO for companies and organizations

To this day we promoted hundreds of different clients in a wide variety of industries ranging from News outlets such as Maariv – The Israeli national daily newspaper and Jerusalem Post – a broadsheet paper based in Jerusalem, to cybersecurity companies, diamond companies and much more. We don’t only focus on classic website promotion and website optimization. We believe in overall organic growth across various platforms and digital assets. We will build you a solid foundation that will serve your organization and give you a competitive edge for years to come. When you work with us – Personas Media – you know you are in good hands.