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Internet Marketing - Personas Media Group

Personas Media Group is the leader in Internet marketing in Israel.

We have the world’s most advanced people, technology and tools to help your company or organization save drastic costs in the marketing and advertising process. We improve the results of digital media advertising and marketing – the “existing situation” through in-depth research, analysis and analysis.

In the end, you choose the right path for the long term. We believe that a company can succeed only through people who love what they do. The Personas Media team is comprised of top-notch professionals with a passion for digital marketing, proven field experience and relevant authority.

Daniel Cahanov – CEO
I always look into the future and calculate the next step. The Internet marketing industry is constantly changing, and the Personas Media team is always up to date, leading the digital revolution with the world’s most advanced tools.

Roy Kodshi – CMO
As responsible for the digital activity of the leading bodies in the economy, our team has a great responsibility. We produce visibility and branding, which comes into the minds of digital consumers.

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