Search Engine Marketing(SEM / PPC) With Personas MEdia

Internet advertising is continuously getting better in terms of website advertising capabilities, regularly added features, new marketing tools, media channels, sophisticated data systems, and so on. Ladies and gentlemen… the age of leaflets is over! Welcome to the digital era.

Its time to find quality leads, new consumers, and turn your business around.
The Internet everywhere today. As such, your potential client might be right around the corner. It’s as simple as that. Using effective marketing and search engine optimization techniques, we will segment your target audience — all the while keeping your costs under control according to your budget.
To successfully achieve those goals, we are using top-notch advertising tools and data analysis systems available in the market.

Digital Branding And Online Advertising – This is how you do it right!

Personas Media is providing all the digital marketing solutions in one place. We are working with various marketing and data-analysis tools to build an effective and in-depth marketing strategy. We will brand your business appropriately, and generate quality leads, which will return the investment. All our attention is devoted to you! We enjoy accompanying our clients and seeing them rise to the top. We take great pleasure in seeing you succeed! How are we doing it exactly?

Advertising using Google:

Advertising in Google Adwords (PPC) has become very popular among business owners. Google Ads exposes your promotions to users who searched for your products/services or something similar. That way, Google makes sure that only relevant people see your advertisements. You pay when someone clicks on the ad, all that in a pre-determined budget. If no one clicked on your ad – you incur no costs.

Advertising on Facebook:

Advertising using Facebook allows you to be exposed to your target audience quickly and effectively. Paid advertising on Facebooks will enable you to precisely target audiences using filters such as:

Demographic properties:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Place of residence
  • Marital status


  • Jewelry
  • Bikes
  • Books
  • Cooking
  • Bodybuilding


  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Programmers
  • CEO’s

Advertising using LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the most prominent business social media network in the world. It serves as a networking arena between users and its a great way to generate new business clients and develop new business relations.

Mobile Advertising:

We all use mobile phones on an everyday basis. Mobile Phones are becoming more and more significant in our daily lives, and the percentage of people carrying them increases. Using mobile advertising, we will be able to catch our clients everywhere.

Advertising Using Bing:

Bing is the second largest search engine in the world with its own advertising platform, Microsoft adCenter, which is similar to Google Adwords. Like in Google Ads, you can start a paid campaign (PPC campaign) in Microsoft adCenter to generate quality leads, especially if your target market is in the U.S.

Why us? We have extensive internet advertising experience. We guarantee results using various unique marketing techniques. We will create quality content which will generate traffic to your website, conduct market research, plan and execute a marketing strategy, and lead you to success.

The time has come for you to be on the top. Are you ready for it? Contact us now for additional information about our various marketing services.