Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) with Personas Media

Improving conversion rates is the ability to convert users visiting your website from passive viewers to action takers – for example, from browsing around to buying one of your products. If to this day, users entering your site stayed there for a couple of seconds and got out without buying anything, this ends today!

The goal of improving conversion rates is to increase the number of actions you would want users to take when they are visiting your website. Actions can vary from buying one of your products, sending you a message, or maybe downloading your app. In short, you have been promoting your website, its time the web site helped promote your business.

How do we measure conversion rates?

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who took action out of all the users who visited your website. For example, say that 100 users visited your site, but only one user purchased something, your conversion rate will be 1%. As a business owner, it is crucial to monitor your website regularly. A neglected site can make you lose potential clients. It is essential to conduct checkups and update the website regularly.

It is time to fulfill the full potential of your website

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can improve your conversion rates instantly. Your conversion rates can increase from something seemingly small and insignificant such as making your call to action button bigger to something more significant like adding additional relevant content to your website. Perhaps adding a video or remaking your “contact us” page. When it comes to improving conversion rates, everything is possible. How do we do it?

Recognizing obstacles and bottlenecks

An obstacle can vary from boring content to weak persuasion techniques. It could also be faulty navigation between pages or pages that are not relevant. Perhaps a lack of call to action, poor UX design (user experience) or the general design of the website that doesn’t sit well with the user.

In-depth research

As a business owner, you must be able to understand your clients’ needs. For that, we will conduct in-depth research using a wide variety of tools and research methods to find significant insights. Those insights will help us understand what changes we need to make to your website to improve conversion rates. We will examine sources that lead users to your website, in what sections of the site do visitors focus, what makes them leave and what buttons do they click. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

A/B testing:

We will build a couple of versions of the website and start trial periods to see which version brings for best conversion rates.


We will track the mouse movements of users on our websites and see the “Hot” section in terms of clicks. That way, we can monitor whether users click where you want them to and see what content attracts them the most.

There are, of course, other means which can help us analyze your website. Such as surveys and questionnaires which give us direct feedback. We will also use google analytics to see the exact numbers of visitors in your site, how much time do they spend browsing around, how many leave, and so on.

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