B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

You have well defined goals for product demos and free trial sign-ups as a SaaS company. However, if you are not able to achieve conversion rates that appear to fulfil these targets, you may need to reconsider your marketing and lead generation strategy.

That is what we are here for!

Personas Media B2B SaaS marketing agency can help your SaaS company by focusing on the unique value proposition, target vertical, and market of your software platform, and then developing clever, tested, and high-ROI digital marketing methods that succeed. We’ll reduce the cost of acquiring new users while raising conversion rates. Some agencies stop at lead creation, but at Personas Media, we have the know-how to link with your CRM to ensure that we’re generating qualified clients, not just leads.

So, what is a SaaS company?

Business-to-business Software-as-a-Service is referred to as B2B SaaS. It refers to cloud-based software that businesses utilize for a variety of purposes, including accounting, office productivity, customer relationship management (CRM), and other work-related duties.

Discover growth marketing

Throughout the whole funnel, Growth Marketing blends the long-term growth of Inbound Marketing with the fast iteration and rewards of Growth Hacking.

It’s a means to swiftly experiment and test critical growth hypotheses while developing a foundation for long-term consumers who will use and enjoy your product, and it’s built from the ground up for growing a SaaS business.

B2B lead generation

Leads are the lifeblood of every B2B SaaS company; they are potential clients who may be contacted to see whether they are interested in your service. You can expand and generate leads for your SaaS business in a variety of ways.

You need to attract more high-quality leads to expand your pipeline and accelerate deal velocity. Understanding your prospective buyer, their primary pain areas, and how your product or service alleviates these stressors is required for lead creation.

Our B2B lead generation experts raise brand awareness, generate engaging content for each level of the funnel, hyper-target your audience, and provide a personalized, tailored experience to help leads complete the process.

B2B lead nurturing

The value of your pipeline is increased by keeping your leads warm and engaged. Prospects are primed for conversion when they are nurtured with timely, relevant content; it keeps your brand top of mind and provides data for your sales staff to determine who the most sales-ready leads are at all times.

We build a powerful lead nurturing engine that provides individuals with the information they need at the exact moment they need it, guiding them toward becoming customers.

Speed up your growth!

Growth marketing is meant to boost your growth from the start, and it compounds over time, just like your MRR (Monthly recurring revenue). Discover how we’ve helped firms like yours overcome their biggest growth difficulties by learning about our growth marketing process.

Prioritize your customers

The fastest-growing SaaS companies prioritize the client in all aspects of their operations. They pay attention to their clients’ needs, goals, behaviours, and obstacles. A framework for gathering consumer insights is required for effective growth: a regularly conducted procedure that assists you in prioritizing product development, maximizing customer success, and accruing recurring revenue.

Growth tactics that aren’t founded on a thorough understanding of an Ideal Customer are ineffective, resulting in high customer acquisition expenses, low customer retention, and even brand damage.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Marketing SaaS Companies Based on Data

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to design an optimal marketing plan based on data-driven results that are always evolving. The software as a service field is always developing and evolving, thus marketing SaaS companies need continual attention. You need an SEO staff that focuses on long-term efforts and continual attention to stay ahead of the game.

We build keyword strategies that place you in front of your customers using data-driven tactics. For organizations, keyword exposure is critical; it is especially critical when it comes to SaaS marketing. As a software marketing firm, we understand the importance of distribution. When it comes to SEO, we take the time to research and gather data so that we can best advertise your program. SEO optimizes your web presence and positions your product in front of the businesses that require it.

B2B SaaS marketing strategy

Your B2B marketing approach is determined by a number of factors, including your product positioning and business type. When building a B2B SaaS marketing strategy we have to attract, engage and convert.

Attract – Using a combination of inbound and outbound digital marketing methods, bring new prospects to your website. Increase your target market’s internet presence and reach.

Engage – Encourage prospects to consume your premium material and make a choice in your favour. Become a content publishing juggernaut in your field.

Convert – From the incoming traffic, generate leads and sales. Improve your traffic-to-lead conversion rate and maximize your marketing budget’s return on investment.

What makes SaaS marketing unique?
When planning a SaaS marketing plan, we focus on two main things: The product and the customer.

The Product
When it comes to promoting a SaaS solution, product marketers must think outside the box. Most, if not all, SaaS solutions are intangible by nature. On top of that, SaaS programs might be complicated, with a variety of features.

Your SaaS marketing plan should be straightforward and catchy, but informative enough for the target audience to understand how the SaaS solution may address their problems.

A B2B or B2C organization will be the usual SaaS customer. The decision-makers in these companies should be the focus of your SaaS marketing approach. If your SaaS application, for example, allows you to track warehouse inventory levels, your marketing should target the heads of logistics at B2C and B2B businesses.

There’s also the dreaded churn. The pace at which current customers terminate their subscriptions in SaaS is known as churn. Churn equals less revenue.

Your SaaS marketing plan will need to be continuing to combat churn and support long-term customer retention. Other companies reduce marketing once a customer has been acquired, but in the SaaS industry, you must maximize your efforts.

How we work:

Driving MQL, PQL and MRR growth

Keyword Research & Content Modeling in Marketing
To create SEO content models that drive MQLs and MRR, we conduct comprehensive keyword research. A competitive marketing analysis and prioritization frameworks such as RICE are included in this strategy.

On-page SEO optimization
Our SaaS Marketing Agency will conduct on-page improvements using your CMS on a regular basis to give your page the best chance of ranking. We optimize meta titles and images, develop internal linking, and assist your material outrank competitors as part of our content marketing activities. We use inbound marketing tactics to increase demand creation and generate qualified leads.

More leads become prospects, and more prospects become customers, thanks to content-driven nurturing and email onboarding.

Personas Media will construct your emails and build out your automated workflows using basic, yet effective email templates, reporting on results and iterating over time.

Auditing of technical SEO
Our SaaS Marketing team will do technical audits on your website to guarantee that it has the highest possibility of ranking well on Google. The team has extensive experience in B2B SaaS marketing and will give recommendations for the best website architecture in order to get quick results. You’ll get access to a technical SEO staff with development backgrounds who can communicate with your engineers in their own language.

We concentrate on achieving demonstrable business outcomes. SEO must be viewed as a marketing channel rather than a one-time marketing strategy. Using an amalgamation of learnings and benchmark data from top SaaS firms, our team works on lead generation, with a heavy focus on converting your website traffic to leads.

Link building
This is where our B2B SaaS marketing agency got its start! We use exceptional content to get high-quality, thematically relevant links. You’ll have access to our in-house Outreach and SaaS Marketing Link Building team, which consists of link builders, SEO strategists, and excellent writers who work on your off-page SEO plan every day.


The requirement for efficient SaaS marketing

Fast-paced expansion necessitates high-quality marketing. As a newly funded SaaS firm in a crowded market, the opportunities are infinite, but there’s also a lot of pressure to do it right and stand out.

Without a robust marketing strategy to raise awareness and bring in leads, you won’t be able to reach the growth you want, especially with shorter sales cycles.

Furthermore, the greatest SaaS marketing is difficult. Products aren’t marketed to people. They’ve bought into the concept of solutions. This implies that your product, messaging, marketing, and branding must all be distinct. Make sure you’re working with a company that can help you get there.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Software Marketing Company for You

It’s critical to find the best software marketing agency. You want to deal with professionals who take the time to get to know your specific requirements and goals, and then channel those wants and goals into a B2B marketing plan tailored to you. Make sure your B2B SaaS marketing agency understands what your company needs to succeed.

A digital marketing company should be familiar with you, believe in your brand, and provide transparency to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We believe that our team at Personas Media can be that company for you. It would be an honour for us.