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Looking to market your company into the cyber security world? That’s what our Cyber Security Marketing Agency is here for! The Personas media group is a leader in the field of internet marketing in Israel.  We have over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, and we significantly increase sales for companies and organizations.

Cyber security marketing is a big part of what we do. We have the people, technology, and we have many advanced tools that will help your company or organization. As part of our service, we will help you and your company save costs within the marketing and advertising process.

Personas Media will build your company a step-by-step cyber security marketing strategy to help you break through and drive more leads than ever.

When working with Personas media you will receive a cyber security marketing manager with a high sense of service, that will be with you every step of the way and will provide you with the most professional, efficient, and cost-effective answer to any problem or challenge that you present to us.

We believe that a company can succeed by working with our Cyber Security Marketing Agency as our company consists of top-notch professionals with a passion for digital marketing and proven field experience that will help your company become unique and the number one on the market.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is based in the high-tech industry, that deals with protection against access, use, exposure, eavesdropping, disruption, copying or destruction of information and info systems by unauthorized or malicious parties, and provide confidentiality, availability and integrity.

The three main targets of cyber security are:
Confidentiality – which helps restrict access or unauthorized disclosure of information, including protecting privacy and proprietary rights in the information.

Availability – which helps maintain the efficiency of access to the information given at any time.

Integrity – which helps protect against malicious alteration of the information or its destruction, including ensuring non-denial and verification of the identities of the information owners.

The cyber market is a competitive and turbulent market, and big companies need to move quickly to succeed in it, whether you’re a new start-up company or an established cyber security company, that doesn’t have to be part of your company’s history. In the early stages companies face many challenges in building market penetration strategies, gaining customers, raising human capital, realizing business potential, and are constantly in short supply of time, resources, and knowledge.

Cyber security in Digital Marketing

Working with a cyber security marketing agency will only bring benefits to your company. Digital marketers oversee administering the company’s revenue-generating website. Cyber-attacks are a persistent threat on the internet. A digital marketer must grasp how cyber-attacks work and the potential for them to bankrupt a company to prevent them.

The cyber security industry keeps growing day by day, making it a challenge for even the biggest companies to stand out. Marketing is an integral part of the cyber world and in fact the whole world of technology.

There are many cyber security threats when it comes to digital marketing. The first one is your website being hacked. When it comes to building the digital marketing strategy cyber criminals can easily target a website that is poorly protected and set up.

Users will not be able to access all or parts of your company’s website if it has been hacked. It could lead to many incessant damages that will take a long time to repair and hold back the success of receiving new buyers. That is why we need to make sure that your website is always protected to prevent this threat.

Emails can also be a threat. The most well-known tactic is email phishing that is used to distribute malware. There are many employees in cyber security companies that are trained to recognize these kinds of emails and know not to click on any link.

Protecting your social media accounts is very important when it comes to cyber security marketing. Digital marketers can’t ignore the value of social media. In addition, the need of protecting your social media accounts from hackers is not adequately emphasized. In the world of digital marketing, social media is one of the most targeted cyber security issues.

Another threat is hackers trying to steal payment info. Handling your data transactions right will hopefully prevent this one. Digital marketers also work on e-commerce websites where third-party payment providers like PayPal are commonplace.

As a result, hackers and cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to steal consumers’ payment information and credit card information by deploying malware.

Using CRM software is also a threat while digital marketing. CRM software is an essential component of digital marketing because it is where you store the information you collect from your clients. CRM software is used to analyse the acquired data and design a marketing strategy for your organization, in addition to preserving it.

Marketing for cyber security companies

Targeting the right audience was tricky back in the days. Today the target audience of cyber companies includes not only cyber security people, but also developers, data and privacy teams, IT teams, lawyers and more. Their need or rather their willingness to use security products Is more important than ever, and we need to understand how this affects the messages and marketing strategies of cyber companies.

Using the right organic promotion platforms we will be able to target our audience in the most accurate way.  Today, cyber security marketing focuses mainly on Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit.

Keeping up to date with cyber security happenings, different developments and conferences is crucial to your company. It helps us understand where we are at and what we need to do to help you receive the best marketing strategy that will give you the best results.

After building the strategy We then supply high-quality targeted cyber security marketing material from professional writers and marketers that know your industry like the back of their hand, geared to hit all your verticals in every service and solution you offer.

Our cyber security marketing agency, Personas media works with B2B marketing solutions for cyber security companies that want to be unique, as your website content is your first and greatest chance to show potential consumers that you are the cyber security market leader and to establish a relationship based on mutual interest and trust.

We will help you develop a good cyber security marketing strategy that is crucial for your business growth. Simplifying your world with a tailored cyber security marketing plan by addressing the brand, the content, public relations, events, and social media platforms.

How to market cyber security

Marketing cyber security can be a challenge. In response to the increased demand, new cyber security companies are springing up all the time. This might make it difficult to stand out in a crowd, therefore it is crucial that you express what make your brand unique.

While it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd, you also want to be trustworthy. Outlandish or inflated statements may attract attention, but in the end, the most successful long-term businesses are the ones who express their true worth. Unfortunately, striking a balance between sticking out and remaining respectable can be challenging.

First of all, find your cyber security marketing agency that you want to work with. An agency that understands cyber, speaks your language, and knows how to communicate with your target audience.

One of the best tactics to market cyber security is to use cyber security content marketing. In order for your content to be unique it needs to be comprehensive, and data driven. Backing up your content with case studies and demonstrates how your service can solve a real-life cyber security attack.

Today cyber security companies have a lot of impact on our use of social media platforms. It has become apart of our social life that allows us to connect with our friends near and far. Using social media marketing in cyber security can be tricky as there are many risks and challenges.

Social networking is a great way to meet individuals who have similar interests to your firm, who have a problem that your start-up can address, or who have questions that you can answer with a blog that you share on social media platforms. You’re already conducting social media marketing if you persuade people to interact with your postings on social media through likes, comments, and shares.

The number of users accessing social platforms is increasing day by day, therefore the risks are higher. Risks like identity theft, cyber stalking, cyber bullying and cyber terrorism have to be well known to your cyber security marketing agency when tailoring a cyber security marketing plan.

Another method is using email marketing. Nurturing your leads and moving them further down the funnel is one of our goals as a cyber security marketing agency.  People who are not ready to purchase yet will be sent an email that will help stay connected to them. If they don’t find your content worthwhile than they might just unsubscribe or delete it, therefore your content needs to be unique.

Cyber security marketing campaigns and inbound marketing

When you combine inbound marketing (organic marketing) with paid campaigns you end up with a very powerful campaign that will help you receive results more quickly and target your audience a lot better. By combining these two marketing strategies you will get the most out of the content that you have created.

If you’re looking to open more insights into your targeting audience then use the PPC strategy. Using Google Ads, LinkedIn Paid Ads and Facebook Ads will help you generate high quality leads that will help you grow.

One of the most significant cyber security marketing ideas is to use paid campaigns to assist your firm achieve two very important goals: first, it will improve and amplify your content marketing efforts, and second, it will get prospects to request a demo.

Remember that using sponsored channels to promote your content might help you acquire quick and effective results.

Inbound marketing plays a big part of marketing your company. Making content that has value like videos, blogs, case studies, social media posts, webinars and many more that will be interesting for your audience will help you gain results. Creating content that will create engagement with the audience will help us understand what they like and what they want to see or read.

Let’s talk about Webinars. Conducting interactive webinars might be a terrific alternative for cyber security organizations. It assists you in making contact with bottom-of-funnel leads. Remember that there are a lot of people that want to learn everything there is to know about cyber security. As a result, it will benefit those who are interested in participating in the webinar to learn about the threats and how to protect themselves.

This is a fantastic approach to reach out to a larger audience and convert them into potential consumers. You can incorporate a question-and-answer session to make it more engaging, allowing your clients to learn more about your product and services, as well as how they can solve their problems.

Furthermore, this provides an excellent opportunity for your cyber security firm to advertise and market its products and services. Encourage your webinar participants to sign up for demos and take use of your products and services.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that the cyber security scene has shifted dramatically in recent years. Furthermore, as a result of the rise in online risks, the demand for cyber security services among organizations has skyrocketed.

Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd and become famous, you need to use some simple but effective digital marketing strategies for your cyber security firm.

So, are you up to a cyber security marketing challenge?
Your cyber security marketing plan starts here with Personas Media.
You can reach out to us at any time if you need assistance with digitally marketing your cyber security firm.

Why should you choose Personas Media?

Personas Media is the best choice for the following reason:

  • Reliability and dedication to each and every customer.
  • Complete transparency.
  • Over ten years of experience in web site promotion and digital marketing.
  • Campaign management and website promotion for some of the country’s most prestigious companies and organizations.
  • Unique expertise in the management of large, complicated projects in Israel and Internationally.
  • Staff that are knowledgeable and competent.
  • High level of service awareness.
  • Each client receives close and personal attention with their own cyber security marketing manager.
  • Advanced working methods that include tools in self-development.
  • We have letter of recommendation from several of our clients on our website, indicating and demonstrating the professionalism and level of service we provide.